Zosia attended the “A Most Violent Year” New York Premiere on December 7th. Enjoy!

Zosia attended the ‘Punk Rock’ Opening Night on November 17th. I’ve added 6 pictures to the gallery. Enjoy!


On November 10th Zosia attended the Glamour 2014 Women Of The Year Awards. I’ve added 15 pictures to the gallery. Enjoy!

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Hello everyone, Mette here, you may remember me, I’m the founder of Zosia Mamet Fan and I’m now back as the owner here. I’m very excited to be back to work on ZMF.

For my first update back, I’ve added pictures from two events that Zosia attended, one from, yesterday October 27th and one from September 29th. Enjoy!


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Zosia attended an event on Wednesday with her boyfriend, Evan Jonigkeit, and Girls co-star Allison Williams.

She wore a bright pink dress, and looked great!

Whilst at the event, her and Allison spilled the beans on what to expect from season 4.

We know that Hannah will spend at least part of the season in Iowa. How does that affect the group dynamic, with the girls being split up?

Zosia Mamet: I think that we’re all split up quite a bit. If you break down the seasons a lot of the time, it’s quite rare that we’re all together.

Allison Williams: I think from last season you see Marnie’s so supportive, she’s like, “You have to go. It’s Iowa; you have to go.” So for Marnie it’s a very exciting, very positive thing. It’s just a matter of maintaining the long-distance friendship.

What would you like to see happen to your characters?

Mamet: Honestly, we have stopped trying to guess what’s going to happen or wish for anything because our writing team is so incredible. They come up with things beyond our wildest imagination, so I’m really just along for the ride.

Williams: I like when she’s in a happy place because she can be supportive and kind to her friends. That’s what I root for, but that’s asking a lot of someone who’s often not in that kind of place. That’s all I ever want for her.

Marnie certainly has had a lot of cringe-worthy moments. Do you like playing those?

Williams: Those are the real pearls; that’s the real gem. I love playing those. It’s perverse. I’ve developed a liking for them. It’s kind of part of the job.

So how is filming going? What episode are you shooting right now?

Mamet: It’s going really good. We’re on Episode 7.

Williams: We’re bouncing all over the place. I did a little [Episode] 5 today; we did 6 a little bit. It’s going so well. It’s the most fun. I still can’t believe it’s my job.

What’s in store for Shoshanna and Marnie in Season 4?

Mamet: More insanity, more testing the waters and trying things out, and growing. We’re all growing and shifting and changing like people do in their 20s.

Williams: It sort of picks up where we leave her last season in a way that nothing’s vastly different, let’s put it that way.

How is Shoshanna coping with not being able to graduate at the end of last season?

Mamet: I think that she worked it out in a bit of a messy way, but she gets over it.

Is Marnie still pursuing her singing ambitions? Any more music videos this season?

Williams: Yes, I think I can say that. None yet, but I can’t say that she won’t think of [making another video] soon.


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Zosia attended the opening night of “The Village Bike” last night with her boyfriend Evan Jonigkeit.

She looked stunning in a monochrome ensemble and statement earrings.

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Check out Zosia’s column in this month’s Glamour Magazine.

zosia-mamet-square-w352I have been incredibly blessed with success in my chosen career. I’ve worked my ass off and had the support and encouragement of those around me to keep climbing. But what if tomorrow I decided I was content with the place I’d reached in acting and planned to open a small coffee shop in Vermont? That job wouldn’t necessarily be any easier, but I believe I would be considered less successful. My friends, some of them, would ask me if it was what I really wanted (code for “You’re making a mistake”). My agent would think I was insane, and my family would definitely be confused. And if I didn’t turn my little coffee shop into some world-renowned Magnolia Bakery of the north, if I kept it small and had a happy life, I probably wouldn’t be considered a success at that either, which is ridiculous.

We are so obsessed with “making it” these days we’ve lost sight of what it means to be successful on our own terms. As women we have internalized the idea that every morning we wake up, we have to go for the f–king gold. You can’t just jog; you have to run a triathlon. Having a cup of coffee, reading the paper, and heading to work isn’t enough—that’s settling, that’s giving in, that’s letting them win. You have to wake up, have a cup of coffee, conquer France, bake a perfect cake, take a boxing class, and figure out how you are going to get that corner office or become district supervisor, while also looking damn sexy—but not too sexy, because cleavage is degrading—all before lunchtime. Who in her right mind would want to do that? And who would even be able to?

I think, unfortunately, some of our need to succeed professionally is a by-product of a good thing: feminism. Feminism was meant to empower us as women, to build us up for fighting on male-dominated battlefields. It did that, but it did some other things as well. It gave us female role models like Hillary and Oprah and Beyoncé and in the process implied that mogul-hood should be every woman’s goal. We kept the old male ideas of success: power and money. We need new ones!

A few years ago I was about to make a movie with some friends, a passion project we were doing for love, not money. Then I was offered a spot on a hit TV show—a gig that would have paid more than the entire budget of our film, but it would have meant not doing the film. I told my agent to turn it down, and he couldn’t understand. To him the bigger job and the bigger paycheck were the whole point, but for me the point was to do something I really cared about. I was lucky to have that option, and it felt so right to say, “This is more important to me.”

I hate that we look at women who choose not to run a country as having given up. I get angry that, when a woman decides to hold off on gunning for a promotion because she wants to have a baby, other women whisper that “she’s throwing away her potential.” That is when we’re not supporting our own. Who are we to put such a limited definition on success? The Merriam-Webster dictionary says success is “the correct or desired result of an attempt.” But you get to decide what you attempt. If you get off running a global hair care empire, more power to you, but if working as a hairdresser somewhere within that empire brings you joy, then that should be just as admirable. You shouldn’t feel like you’re letting down the team.

The solution, I think, is to ask ourselves what we actually want—each of us personally—and stop putting so much pressure on one another. Success isn’t about winning everything; it’s about achieving your dream, be that teaching middle school or flying jets. And no matter what we as individual women want, no matter what our goals, we have to support one another. Because I might actually open a café in Vermont—just a small one, where I make the muffins myself—and I hope you ladies don’t think me any less of a woman for it.


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Zosia was spotted on the set of Girls season four in SoHo, New York City.

She was pictured along with co-star Adam Driver, but the rest of the Girls were also seen on-set.

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Zosia stars in this visually beautiful campaign video for fashion brand Honor’s spring 2014 collection.

The video shows the story of a girl (Zosia) who has lost her best friend. She bakes a cake for her friend’s birthday and goes to her grave, where her friend rises. The girls are joined by other dead girls, all looking fabulous in Honor’s collection, for one evening before returning to the graves.

It’s a world away from Zosia’s portrayal of Shoshanna in Girls, so make sure to check it out!