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Zosia stars in this visually beautiful campaign video for fashion brand Honor’s spring 2014 collection.

The video shows the story of a girl (Zosia) who has lost her best friend. She bakes a cake for her friend’s birthday and goes to her grave, where her friend rises. The girls are joined by other dead girls, all looking fabulous in Honor’s collection, for one evening before returning to the graves.

It’s a world away from Zosia’s portrayal of Shoshanna in Girls, so make sure to check it out!

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Hello! I am the new owner of Zosia Mamet Fan, and my name is Jack.

I love Zosia, and her character Shoshanna in Girls makes the show for me.

I can’t wait to get to work getting the site and gallery up to date.

Thank you Mette for allowing me to take over the site and look after your hard work.

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This is from January but I figured maybe some of you hadn’t seen it yet. So here it is. :)

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Zosia attended The Television Academy Presents An Evening With “Girls”. 74 HQs have been added to the gallery. Enjoy!

On March 20th Zosia attended the screening of “Divergent”. I’ve added 11 HQs to our gallery. Enjoy!

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I finally got around to updating, yay! Anyways I’ve added screencaptures from the latest and season finale 3.12 of Girls. Enjoy!

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Today, February 2nd is Zosia’s Birthday! I’d like to wish her the best Birthday ever and hope she’ll celebrate with family and friends on this day.

From Zosia Mamet Fan

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I’ve added captures from the latest episode of Girls. Enjoy!